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Press Release

For Immediate Release – December 3rd, 2017


RadioShack opens inside Enterprise Computer in Clinton


Clinton, CT – Enterprise Computer, LLC is celebrating its twentieth year in business and instead of growing old we are changing with technology and the times as we have for the past two decades and evolving again. We are proud to announce our partnership with RadioShack and bringing the brand back to our area.

Enterprise Computer, LLC started in 1997, founded by Richard Holton, a local computer expert and Connecticut native. He grew up with his first computer in 1981, a Commodore Vic20 through the generosity of his grandparents and his IT career took off from there.

We have changed a lot over the years and added the Branford location ten years ago.

We offer a wide range of services for home, business, municipal and schools. On‐site, in‐store and mobile support are also available. We started out focused on service and over the years grew, grew, and are still growing and instead of just servicing, we have become the local source for all needs, IT. The addition of RadioShack will mean a wide selection of technology will be again available by a business, technicians, and a staff well trained and able to supply it.

Rich’s original love was running a local restaurant which is also the reason we are dominant in the POS (Point of Sale) business.

All of our support and sales staff are US, English speaking, and have been through a thorough de‐geeking process to allow us to have technicians that can treat you like a person, not a computer. Rich’s hospitality origins make this mandatory and we like to think, separate us from our competition.

Meanwhile, RadioShack’s corporate team in Fort Worth, TX is excited as well. Matthew Eisner, Director of sales and strategy says, “We look forward to bringing RadioShack back to communities like Clinton. RadioShack’s customer base is loyal and we’re excited to return to their neighborhoods.”

The store is in process of a major shift to have the look and feel of a modern RadioShack while remaining the Enterprise Computer you all know, love, and have supported for the past 20 years!

Inventory is starting to come in with everything from fuses and switches, toys and batteries, to televisions and radios. A grand opening is being planned for the spring.

Enterprise Computer will be rolling out RadioShack to the Branford store, early 2018.

Want to know a little more about us? Send Rich an email directly rholton@enterpc.com, or contact us at:

Enterprise Computer, LLC

83 W. Main Street

Clinton, CT 06413

860‐664‐3730 Phone

860‐664‐3740 Fax (Yes, we still have one)