Improve order speed, customer service and sales with PAR EverServ® PixelPoint POS solution.

EverServ PixelPoint

Whether you're operating a quick service restaurant (QSR), fast casual or fine dining restaurant, PAR EverServ® PixelPoint POS offers robust features in an easy to implement and easy to use solution.

PAR has more than 30 years experience in the restaurant POS business and more than more than 50,000 installations in 110 countries worldwide. Leveraging its rich technology and industry expertise, PAR has designed its PixelPoint software to meet the changing needs of restaurant operators. Built on a commercial grade SQL database, PAR developed EverServ PixelPoint based on four core principles: adaptability, modularity, scalability and usability. PixelPoint is quick to configure, fast to implement and easy to use.

The bottom line in your operation is to provide a rewarding experience for your patrons. PixelPoint helps you achieve that goal, as it is simply easier to train your staff, easier for your staff to quickly and accurately place orders, and easier for your managers to accurately track and compile sales and inventory information. PixelPoint allows everyone in your operation to better serve your customers and make the best use of your investment.


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PAR Technology Corporation is an industry leader in systems and service solutions for the hospitality industry. For more than 30 years, PAR has developed technology solutions for hospitality companies: restaurant, hotel, spa, retail, entertainment venues and cruise ships. They are committed to delivering innovative solutions that optimize the guest experience.



  • Increased Speed of Service ‐ PixelPoint intelligent order flow and intuitive screen layouts enable you to increase your average number of transactions per day.
  • Improved Order Accuracy and Decrease Finished Waste ‐ Customer substitutions and order modifiers are handled accurately and quickly using customizable and intuitive screen layouts, which results in improved order accuracy and customer satisfaction and decreased finished waste.
  • Increased Combo Sales ‐ PixelPoint automatically recognizes potential combos as items are ordered and uses suggestive selling pop‐up buttons to ensure employees never miss the opportunity to up‐sell a combo.
  • Improved Sales with Digital Suggestive Selling ‐ PixelPoint supports dual‐screen hardware with a customer display that is ideal for counter service or quick service restaurants. Using PixelPoint? powerful Form Designer tool you can design your order confirmation and customer‐facing display screens to increase sales through cross‐selling and promotions.
  • Improved Decision Making ‐ With PixelPoint business intelligence and analytics, restaurant operators can make decisions based on facts. Restaurant performance metrics are delivered in near real‐time to ensure you have the information you need, when you need.
  • Promote, Influence and Entertain Customers with Digital Signage ‐ Seamlessly project POS menu items onto LCD displays with high‐quality multimedia to turn your menu board into a dramatic, interactive sales and marketing tool. The PixelPoint menu board displays information in near real‐time, so your menu board continually updates throughout the day with menu changes, scheduled price changes, daily specials and updates.
  • Simplified Menu Management ‐ Built to accommodate the most demanding of menu layouts, PixelPoint' simplified menu designs make it easy to design unlimited menus for any restaurant environment and is simple to add items on the fly.


PixelPoint Table Layout

Multiple Service ModesPixelPoint allows you to configure the POS station for specific job functions. By matching the user interface to requirements of the position employees are able to operate faster and with fewer mistakes. PixelPoint enables operators to run multiple service modes within the same restaurant environment.

  • Table Service
  • Quick Service
  • Bar Service
  • Cashier Service
  • Delivery and Pickup Service
  • Host(ess) Service

Labor Management ‐ Keep your labor costs in check and increase employee performance by effectively managing your time and attendance information. PixelPoint allows you to modify role based permissions, create multiple job positions for each employee and even forecast staffing levels.

  • Time and Attendance
  • Shift Rules
  • Clock In/Out Authorization
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Overtime Agent
  • Multiple Permission Settings
Order page

Extensive Ordering Options ‐ Ensures orders are accurately and efficiently entered and sent to the kitchen.

  • Suggestive Selling Prompts
  • Menu and Multi Menu Configurations
  • Multiple Price Levels
  • Auto Combo Recognition
  • Future Orders
  • Online Ordering
  • Coupon Groups
  • Tips, Voids, Refunds and Deposits
  • Members, Tabs and Loyalty Points
  • Course Ordering
  • Split Checks / Combine Checks
  • Rentals, Gift Cards and Weighed Items

Advanced Manager Functionality

Provides managers the tools necessary to maximize employee performance and sales from any terminal in the restaurant.

  • Auto End of Day Functions
  • Employee Announcements
  • Transfer All Checks
  • Alert Manager
  • Till Assignment
  • Employee Performance Ratings
  • Cash Management
  • Training Mode
  • Customizable Cashout Reports
  • Employee Contests
  • Report Viewer
  • Over 250 Standard Reports

3rd Party Integration

In addition the wide array of features and functionality included in PixelPoint software, it easily integrates with complimentary technology products and services. PixelPoint currently integrates with more than 160 market leading hospitality products and services and is constantly adding more.

  • Liquor Pouring Systems
  • Kitchen Display Systems
  • Credit Card Processor Agnostic
  • Biometrics
  • Property Management Software
  • Paging Systems
  • Caller ID
  • Ordering Confirmation
  • Bar Code Scanners

Table Management

Intuitive information to help increase table turns and improve customer flow.

  • Table Sections
  • Table Seating
  • Reservations
  • Bussing Commands

Security and Compliance

Providing peace of mind that your business is protected from theft and security breaches.

  • PCI PA‐DSS certified
  • Void Tracking
  • Employee Roles
  • Enhanced Loss Prevention

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