Municipal Services

Our network engineers have years of experience designing, implementing, and maintaining municipal infrastructures


A message to municipal officials

Many local municipalities and school systems are struggling to find the most efficient way to manage and support increasingly complex desktop computer networks that have become essential in both municipal operations and education. Many have found it is more efficient to work with a highly skilled local third party computer and network specialist than to hire, train and manage additional full‐time staff. Enterprise Computer, LLC is a local company that specializes in providing services to municipalities and schools systems. We have experience working in conjunction with existing IT teams to manage desktop and network upgrades as well as perform simple ongoing repairs and maintenance. At times the large number of desktop systems supported by a small full‐time staff can be overwhelming. Enterprise can come in on an as‐needed basis to do on‐site repair and maintenance to deal with these peak periods, and reduce downtime associated with computer problems.

Enterprise Computer, LLC is one of the fastest growing desktop computer and network support companies in Connecticut. We have achieved this success by providing personal service and ensuring 100% satisfaction for all our clients. Even if you are currently working with an outside vendor for computer support services, you may not be getting the best possible service with the turnaround and pricing you would expect.

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal

Enterprise Computer, LLC provides customer services and solutions at prices our competitors simply cannot beat. But most importantly, Enterprise Computer, LLC works with all our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction with all of our services.

Enterprise Computer, LLC offers flexible service options that include same day on‐site service with no charge for travel or telephone support services regardless of your location.

Enterprise Computer, LLC has the capability to provide integrated business solutions for both PC and Macintosh environments, seamlessly adapting both platforms into one business solution. Enterprise Computer, LLC is aligned with leading computer brands ‐ Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM and Apple to name a few – and these relationships allow us to provide you with the best possible service.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss how Enterprise Computer, LLC can serve the needs of your Town or School System.

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Custom services to meet the needs of your Town

As IT environments increase in complexity, so do support and service needs of your town. Solutions to everyday problems can become overwhelming, more costly and time-consuming… contributing to your cost of doing business.

  • For Towns with dedicated on-site IT teams, Enterprise Computer, LLC. can work with your existing team for Network engineering and upgrades and other complex projects. We can also assist in making recommendations for upgrades and new equipment purchases.
  • Some Towns simply have a troubleshooter on staff to help employees with day to day hardware and software problems. Our services can supplement that individual when demands become overwhelming or a project becomes too complex. We can help to insure that vital data is never lost, and help to fix problems on an expedited basis to reduce employee downtime.
  • For Towns with no full time IT support, Enterprise Computer, LLC. can become your IT partner, allowing you to outsource all your IT needs so you can focus on other critical issues. You only pay for what you need when you need it, and we stay on the cutting edge of the latest systems and technologies to support your ongoing needs.

Some of the services we provide

Evaluation of current systems

Systems not operating fast enough? Trying to find the right business software/hardware solution? Customers frequently call on us to check the health of their system. Enterprise Computer, LLC provides in‐depth evaluations of how well your systems are working. We frequently discover simple and economical solutions to system problems. But if you are ready for a complete overhaul, Enterprise Computer, LLC has the capability to guide you through it.

Hardware/software procurement and configuration

We find the best hardware and software solutions for your business ‐ not just the best deal. We use the highest quality components from industry leaders to give you reliable solutions.

Network engineering

We engineer network solutions that match your business needs ‐ connectivity, data protection, current and future applications, speed, efficiency, and reliability. And you get ongoing support from people who know your needs inside out.


  • Systems evaluation
  • Hardware/Software procurement/configuration
    • Desktop and portable hardware
    • Printers
    • Industry‐leading software
  • Network management
    • Print servers
    • Hub, switch, and router technologies
  • Internet/intranet access
    • Website design & email support
    • Modem systems
    • Data cabling technologies

Project Management:

Enterprise Computer, LLC can help your control IT support costs, increase efficiencies and help manage your computers more effectively. In order to do so, we can tailor services and service contracts to meet your specific needs. We have the expertise on staff to help you with the complex and time consuming task of determining your next network upgrade. With so many products available on the market today, understanding and identifying the best systems upgrade to meet your present and future is more difficult than ever.

Enterprise Computer, LLC has the capability to provide integrated business solutions for both PC and Macintosh environments. We are aligned with all the leading computer brands, and these relationships allow us to be the perfect partner for your next project. From start to final installation and training, Enterprise Computer, LLC can manage your entire project, with prompt delivery and implementation. The only things you end up with are time and cost‐savings, reduced risk and increased opportunities for success.