Home Computer Services

Get an IN‐HOME residential computer tune‐up!


  • Home Computer Headaches?
  • Is your computer acting strange?
  • Running slow?
  • Won't boot up at all?
  • Bombarded by pop up ads and spam email?

The Enterprise Computer, LLC IN‐HOME tune‐up package includes:

  • Removal of viruses, spyware, malware & unwanted programs
  • Full virus protection
  • Pop‐up Ad blocking
  • Installation of all necessary Windows updates
  • Hard drive clean‐up & optimization
  • Parental web‐surfing controls (monitor & protect your kids)

Enterprise Computer, LLC Residential Services Menu

All the services listed below can be done in your home by our professional technicians. The majority of these services can be done in our shop at reduced rates

New Computer Setup
Standard in‐home setup Set‐up new computers and make sure all systems are go
In‐home setup and anti‐virus protect your PC from computer viruses
Drive installation Add new drives for more capabilities ‐ CD, DVD or HD storage
Internal card installation Better sound, improved video, faster networking or quicker modem
Memory installation Improve the speed of your computer applications
Operating system installation Increase system speed and functionality
Software installation Anti‐virus, anti‐spyware, imaging applications, office software and games
On‐site service add‐ons Save when solving multiple problems in one visit
Data Migration Transfer files from one device to another
Operating system service Fix an operating system that's not working properly
Software service Fix an application that's not working properly
Virus or spyware removal Have all viruses and spyware cleaned out of your system
Virus or spyware prevention Install/ update anti‐virus/spyware protection
Wireless Networking
In‐home networking setup In‐home networking setup
In‐home networking, anti virus and security In‐home networking, anti virus and security
In‐home setup, networking, anti‐virus and security In‐home setup, networking, anti‐virus and security
Add additional PC to existing wireless network Add additional PC to existing wireless network
Add‐on spyware protection to home network Add‐on spyware protection to home network
Wireless online gaming networking (w/existing network) Wireless online gaming networking (w/existing network)
Existing Computer/Network Services
Trouble shooting ‐ diagnostic and repair Identify problems with existing systems
system tune‐ups Get existing systems running at peak performance
Emergency Services
Same day service Services listed above on an expedited basis for a premium charge
Data recovery services Recover data from a damaged computer/hard drive
Annual Service Contracts
Stop problems before they happen Keep computers running trouble‐free and receive expedited services for a monthly fee
In‐home training
Basic training Learn to control your computer and keep it operating effectively
Advanced training Get more out of your computer than you thought possible
Digital photography basic training Learn to import and edit photos, basic editing and emailing
Digital music basic training Learn to create or download digital music, organize digital music, and CD burning