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There is no cost to you if we are unable to recover your data. You only pay us if we succeed in recovering your data!

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Enterprise Computer, LLC has the expert technicians, knowledgeable support staff and the recovery facilities to solve your disaster recovery crisis efficiently and cost‐effectively, plus there is no evaluation fee and no charge if we can't recover your data.

We can recover data from hard drives, flash drives, cd's, tape backups, and most other types of removable media. We can also recover data from damaged database files, like SQL 2000, SQL 2005, Access, and others.

Kroll Ontrack Certificate for Data Recovery
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Three levels of data recovery to meet your needs

EMERGENCY Data Recovery (24 ‐ 48 HOUR Turnaround)   $500 ‐ $5000
STANDARD Data Recovery (3 day ‐ 5 day Turnaround)   $500 ‐ $2500
ECONOMY Data Recovery (1 ‐ 2 weeks)   $100 ‐ $1500

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Leading companies, educational institutions and end users around the world trust Enterprise Computer, LLC with their priceless data.

A few are: Unilever, Umex, Elizabeth Arden, Team Computers and many more!

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